Excel automation and Python code generation AI assistant | PyoneerExcel automation and Python code generation AI assistant | Pyoneer

Meet Pyoneer, your Excel Automation Engineer

Upload an Excel file and let Pyoneer convert it to Python.

How does Pyoneer Automate Excel with Python

  1. Upload your Excel file.
  2. Pyoneer uses the structure of the Excel file to create a translation plan.
  3. Pyoneer uses custom algorithms and state-of-the art OpenAI models to generate Python.
  4. Pyoneer generates test cases to ensure the Python script reproduces the Excel file exactly.
  5. You download a fully automated and tested Python script.

Our founding team spent the past decade transitioning Excel files to Python - from startups to insurance companies to bulge bracket banks.

We're encoding all of our knowledge in Pyoneer.

Shape the future of Excel Automation